Vitalized Body was founded upon the philosophy that health is the most valuable thing in life. The word vitalize means to give strength and energy to. Our bodies are designed to be full of vitality and livelihood. This site offers you education, motivation, and inspiration to Vitalize your mind, body and soul.

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Yoga Immersion



Immerse yourself in yoga to become grounded, gain flexibility, and relieve stress.

Lifestyle Program



Build a foundation for optimal health in your mind, body, and soul with this 30-day program.

Employee Wellness



Bring health and vitality to your employees either onsite or offsite with nutrition, lifestyle and yoga services.

Nutrition Therapy


Vitalized Body

Learn about how optimized nutrition can support your body and promote ultimate health and longevity.

Recipe Creations


Vitalize your body with these therapeutic recipes targeted towards healing.

Seasonal Cleansing



Discover the power of seasonal cleansing through supporting your body during each transition.

Chief Vitalizer

Thank you for visiting Vitalized Body. I am the Founder and Chief Vitalizer, my name is Jessica Lee Paulos. My mission is to provide you with education, motivation, and inspiration to vitalize your mind, body and soul. ~Namaste~

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Vitalized Newsletter

Receive education, tips, tools, and inspiration to Vitalize Your Body.


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