Jessica Lee PaulosJessica Lee Paulos is a nationally board certified master nutrition therapist and certified yoga instructor.

She uses her expertise in holistic nutrition and years of continuing education in functional medicine to guide you towards optimal health and your ideal weight. Jessica uses an individual approach that is specific to your biochemistry, lifestyles, goals and challenges. The programs are all customized to offer you direction with step-by-step support, education and guidance.

Her practice involves functional blood chemistry analysis, evaluation of metabolic markers, medical history, current diet, nutritional and lifestyle goals, and supporting health obstacles and challenges. BMI, body fat percentage, girth measurements, blood pressure and pulse rate are assessed, along with food sensitivities, digestion, detoxification protocols, healthy weight management, and sports nutrition considerations.

One-on-one clinical nutrition and yoga sessions, group classes, guided seasonal cleanses, workshops, and corporate wellness nutrition and yoga programs are available. Jessica presents seminars, develops health oriented literature, writes for various magazines, and has an online nutrition blog.

Please call to schedule a 30-minute consultation: 720-979-8844
Her services are available to out of state clients via phone, email or Skype.

Certified Master Nutrition Therapist
Graduate of Nutrition Therapy Institute
Nationally Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition through NANP
Certified in Reading Functional Blood Chemistry
Certified Core Power Yoga Sculpt Teacher
American Red Cross Certified in First Aid/CPR/AED
Healthcare Provider Service Organization Insured

Functional Medicine (Seminars and Training)
Apex Energetics:
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
Selective Detox & Drainage
Impacts of Estrogen on the Neuroendocrine Immune Axis
The Neuorendocrine-Immunology of Hepatic Detoxification
Autoimmune Triggers of Gluten Sensitivity
Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry
Functional Medicine Series
NEI Medical Paradigm

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Learn the best foods for your body and how to prepare them through a customized nutrition session.

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Gain strength and flexibility with a group class or private yoga session.
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